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Los Angeles area Repair and Restoration Services on Antique and Classic (Built before 1985): Jukeboxes · Radios · HiFi · Musical Instrument Amplifiers · Record Players · Tape Recorders

Wurlitzer, Seeburg, Rock-Ola, Mills, Rowe/AMI Jukebox Repair

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On this page, I list the jukeboxes we are working on. If you see a number after the model, it belongs to a customer. Customers can see the progress of their machine as it goes through the restoration process. Scroll down to see them all.

Drop me an e-mail for information on what can be put into the queue for you for future delivery! We have over 100 machines in stock.

Mills Empress # 980926 

As received. This example is complete but needs a full rebuild of the inner workings, new wiring, and cabinet refinishing. The plastics are all good originals.

The machine has been dis-assembled. Parts are organized and put on a cart. As we go through the process, parts will be cleaned, polished, repaired, as necessary.

The mechanism will be completely dis-assembled and all parts cleaned and inspected. At first glance, nothing appears to be broken so as is typical of these changers, old grease hardens and oil turns to varnish preventing smooth operation.

The cabinet is entering the wood shop where it will be stripped, all glue joints inspected and repaired as necessary, veneer chips patched, (we have several square feet of vintage veneer we use for patching) and sanded prior to finishing.

Update 9/25/17

The cabinet has been stripped and sanded. It is in the queue for finishing next week.

All the wiring has been redone and the amplifier has been rebuilt.

Seeburg M100C #17060901

This is a customer full restoration. We have it all taken apart.  Cabinet has been stripped, glued, filled, and prepped for finishing.

8/31/17: The customer has selected a finish style and color so we will begin the finishing process in a few days.

9/25/17 The cabinet has been finished and has started the assembly process.

Parts getting prepped and cleaned prior to painting or polishing.

Metal parts sent in for plating.

Seeburg HF100R # 17062901

This is a customer restoration. The machine arrived with a very unusual finish made up of random pieces of masking tape outlined and given a clearcoat.

It took a while but it is now stripped, glued, and ready for sanding and filling prior to finishing in the original colors and patterns.

Metal parts have been sent in for plating and the rest of the parts are ready for prepping for painting and polishing.

9/1/17: The cabinet has been grained and clear coat applied to match the original look. This is the white wood-grain.

9/1/17: Here is the burl wood portion. Alvaro really did a great job on this one!

Philco Predicta TV #17050301 (sale)

This is a customer order. Here is the set as we got it.

We sent the metal parts in to be re-plated brass.

The cabinet has been re-finished to the original grain pattern and colors by hand.