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Los Angeles area Repair and Restoration Services on Antique and Classic (Built before 1985): Jukeboxes · Radios · HiFi · Musical Instrument Amplifiers · Record Players · Tape Recorders

Wurlitzer, Seeburg, Rock-Ola, Mills, Rowe/AMI Jukebox Repair

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You can read all about me on the "About Us" page. Here you meet the people behind the scenes that produce the quality work that makes RJB Electronic Services the premier repair and restoration source. Any organization is the sum of hard working people and I am blessed that I have a wonderful crew that makes me look good! "Electro-Ross"
Jorge is the Crew Leader and a Master Electronic Technician. With a degree from DeVry University and many years of experience, Jorge can restore or repair everything audio from tubes to DSP as well as record changers and tape decks.  
Here he is testing the tubes from a vintage RCA record player he restored and added an MP3 player input.


Alvaro is an amazing artist and cabinet finisher. Pictured here with a 1954 Seeburg model HF100R he completely refinished by hand to the original design both the walnut burl and the white woodgrained sides. Whether we are restoring a Wurlitzer 1100, Seeburg P146, or even some vintage radios, Alvaro makes sure they look exactly as they did when they came off the original assembly line. 


Raul is our utility man. He takes things apart and organizes the parts, re-wires, cleans, preps, and helps out at shows.
He is pictured here wiring the lighting bar from a Wurlitzer 800 front door. No job is too big or small, Raul takes pride in his work.  

Guillermo is a Master Cabinet Maker. He can make anything out of wood. He is pictured here with a 1946 Wurlitzer 1015 cabinet he re-constructed and prepped for new veneer. Over the years, he has made new sides for jukeboxes, re-constructed HiFi amplifier cases, making it possible to restore equipment that would otherwise have been "parted out" or discarded.

Rodrigo takes the machines apart then organizes the parts. When the plating is back and the paint is dry, he puts them back together again.
Pictured with a 1946 Wurlitzer cabinet he is assembling, Rodrigo is a talented young man eager to learn the trade.