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Radio Restoration

All vacuum-tube radios contain parts that had a relatively short shelf life to begin with and are not going to work well being over 50 years old. Even if a set works, it will not for long. Furthermore, when some parts such as “filter capacitors” fail, they can destroy expensive or irreplaceable parts such as power transformers and speakers!


In restoring radios, I do not just fix what is wrong with them and send them out; I also replace parts that may fail in the near future.

Send me an e-mail with pictures and I can estimate the cost to restore your favorite radio. 


A chassis restoration begins with a thorough cleaning. All the tubes are cleaned and checked. Any that are questionable, are replaced. The filter capacitors that are the source of hum in old radios are replaced by modern parts that should last 30 or more years. All expired, overheated or out of tolerance parts, are replaced. A new line cord is installed. The radio is then checked for proper operation and aligned to original factory specifications for the best performance. The dial pointer is adjusted to indicate the correct station. The unit is run for 24 hours to make sure it is in good working order. A rough idea of what a chassis restoration will cost is to multiply the number of tubes it uses by $35.00. Push-button tuning and multi-band sets are slightly higher. Sets with component "packages" are higher.

This does not include speakers, transformers, or a chassis with extensive physical damage. High-end sets with motorized tuners, remote controls, etc. are also higher. 



If the case of the radio is plastic or Bakelite and has cracks in it, the cracks are glued, filled, and reinforced from the inside with epoxy so that the cabinet is solid again. This usually involves repainting the cabinet with an appropriate color. A complete paint process involves primer, sanding, color coat, and clear coat followed by polishing. Broken dial covers or worn indicators can usually be made to resemble the original. A typical repair & repaint runs $95.00-$250.00





If it's a wood cabinet, then its condition determines the treatment. Scratches, gouges, scrapes, missing veneer, warped and unglued veneer are dealt with appropriately. A traditional finish is then reapplied. Sometimes, it involves totally stripping the finish, but not always. In many cases, the finish just needs to have a light application of stain, and a light coat of lacquer or shellac applied. Some wood radios just need cleaning and polishing. There is such a range of work required in re-finishing, I have to see the case for a good estimate.


 The radio will now play and look as well as it did when it was new. All work is covered by a 90 day limited warranty.

Send me an e-mail with pictures and I can estimate the cost to restore your favorite radio!