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TV Sets
1950 Admiral Bakelite TV.

We got this 10" B&W floor model TV set in and found it had a bad picture tube so we decided since the cabinet was in good shape, we would modernize the set but retain the vintage look.

After removing the chassis and cleaning the cabinet, we installed an open frame VGA flat panel display. In addition, we added a small solid-state amplifier and new speaker.

A video converter completed the package. You can connect it directly to a computer with a VGA output, a Blue-Ray, DVD, or VHS player with SVIDEO or composite video output or an "off-air" converter.

We tested the unit with all of the above.

This is an "off air" screen shot.

My favorite was when I had a DVD player running "The Honeymooners" through it and told a visitor that sets from the 1950s only get 1950s shows.

This cool piece can be yours for $495.00*
We can rebuild another one for you or modify yours!

*Tax, packaging, delivery, shipping extra.